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Block Hour IT Support

hourly it support

Know where you are with an hourly IT Support solution. This support solution provides IT Support on a hourly basis so you know how much each IT Support case costs you. You are free to use our IT Support service as you choose on a hourly service meaning that you can consume as much or as little IT Support as you require via a hourly based system.

This solution is ideal for those customers who are either new to LAN Support and want to try our services on a Ad-Hoc basis and for those who are responsible for delivering IT Support services and require additional help from time-to-time.

This IT Support solution also suites those who do not want to be in a monthly rolling contract.                  

why would you choose an hourly solution?

  • You are looking for a Support option where you pay by the minute for the time you consume.
  • You require emergency support and do not have a all-inclusive IT Support contract with LAN Support.
  • You are a IT Manager or lead IT Administrator and looking to outsource part of your workload because your time is better spent elsewhere.
  • You do not have the time and resources to complete tickets during a busy period.
  • Your expertise is wasted on simple tasks that you want to outsource.
  • You are looking for IT Support to cover a period of; Sickness, Leave or maternity cover.
  • You are looking to save money.

what can I purchase with my hourly package?

  • Incident Tickets
  • Problem Tickets
  • Change Request Tickets
  • Request For Information Tickets
  • Alerting Tickets
  • Reoccurring Tickets
  • On-Site Engineering
Bundle packaged costs
Hours are purchased in hourly blocks, the more hours you purchase the cheaper the time becomes. Block hours can be purchased from our sales team by calling 0207 9035065.

Some cost examples are provided below.

60 minutes

Cost Per Minute - £2.50

Cost Per Hour - £150.00

240 minutes


Cost per Minute - £2.25

Cost per Hour - £135.00

480 minutes

Cost per Minute - £1.95

Cost per Hour - £117.00

720 minutes

Cost per Minute - £1.80

Cost per Hour - £108.00

900 minutes

Cost per Minute - £1.65

Cost per Hour - £99.00

1200 Minutes


Cost per Minute - £1.50

Cost per Hour - £90.00

2000 Minutes

Cost per Minute - £1.35

Cost per Hour - £81.00

3000 Minutes

Cost per Minute - £1.25

Cost per Hour - £75.00

  • Minutes must be paid in full and upfront
  • Minutes are non-refundable and charged in accordance with our terms
  • Minutes are debited by the minute during the life of an open case in the status of in progress.
  • Minutes are charged whilst we are working on the case, this includes making an action such as remote technical support, on the phone to the user or third party or physically making a repair. Time is also consumed during consultation and during problem resolution. 
  • Once a support case is closed you will be able to reopen the case within 24 hours if the same issue persists. You will be offered the equal amount of time "free of charge" to make a second repair if our technical services team believe the same issue has come back or not repaired in the first instance. After 24 hours the support case cannot be reopened and you will be subject to a new charge without compensation.
  • When you open a ticket and the ticket self-heals you will be charged the time which you have consumed.
  • If you open a ticket and the LAN Support technical team cannot reach you the LAN technical team will close your ticket within 48 hours of no response. Time will be consumed by the minute each time we try to contact you.
  • Purchased time must be redeemed with 24 months of purchase date.

  • 120 minutes will be debited for on-site engineering at the point of booking confirmation. Your account must have a minimum balance of at least 450 minutes to book an engineer.


LAN Support has built up a client base of over 100 small and medium businesses; this has been achieved by client retention, recommendation and an excellent reputation.

We are continually finding new ways to support our clients and willing to change procedures so a personalised bespoke solution can be delivered to your exact requirements.

Phone: 0207 903 5065
Email: info@lansupport.co.uk

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W1B 5TR, United Kingdom

Head Office
LAN Support Limited
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0207 903 5065
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