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Client Case Studies


at a glace

Supporting a Guildford based PLC with multiple locations across the United Kingdom, Europe, Middle East and North America. With a mobile workforce of around 80 users accessing up to 6 production Windows Servers including Microsoft SharePoint and Hosted Microsoft Exchange.

To provide on-site technical support at the Guildford HQ to manage and lead all I.T. operations. On-site based I.T. Manager with off-site help desk support for all users providing for 1st and 2nd line issues, 24/7 network and server monitoring and Remote Managed Monitoring.


  • Location based I.T. Manager 3 days a week
  • Full Time support desk for all users between 08:00 - 18:00
  • Full online client portal for incident and problem tickets
  • Monthly reporting
  • Remote Backup and on-site backup management
  • Network security prevention
  • Proudly Supporting ANGLE PLC since 1997
  • Bullet 2

Business challenge

Founded in April 1994, ANGLE is an International Ventures and Management services company focusing on the commercialisation of technology and the development of technology-based industry. ANGLE creates, develops and advises technology businesses on their own behalf and for their clients.

Back in 1997 ANGLE reached and juncture where they required external assistance with their IT infrastructure or took the option of employing a fulltime IT manager. ANGLE is a very IT infrastructure dependent company with a high level of IT productivity, they require the ability to share and communicate not only quickly but globally.  

With many single project documents being worked on by many people across the world at the same time the need for document version control and access to this information securely and quickly is paramount. ANGLE require an IT Support company which is not only able and capable of delivering the correct solutions at the right time but also need to understand their business and prepare for a long partnership. 

LAN Support Solution

After a detailed and thought through selection process, ANGLE awarded LAN Support a long term contract to manage and originally grow the IT infrastructure.
  • LAN Support would provide and experienced MCSE Certified IT Manager to head up and direct the IT operation providing 3rd line technical support, consultancy and planning reporting direct to the ANGLE board.
  • Service desk support will be provided so all ANGLE employees worldwide would have direct access to the skill sets they require when roaming, in the office or project location based.
  • introduction of a Microsoft SharePoint Server would provided a centralised recourse and version control centre which would be accessible to all users globally 24 hours and day, 365 days a year
  • maintain and future proof IT Security technologies to a very high level
  • Manage and complete Software and hardware assist tracking to make sure that software compliance was maintained.
  • To keep a high level of uptime (97%) on all servers and Network infrastructure.
  • To keep downtime to an absolute minimum, LAN Planned to complete all upgrades and new installations out of office hours.
  • To take full control and mange all third party vendors and contractors.
  • To make sure that a fully tested and working backup solution is maintained.
  • to advise, recommend and cost , practical and required solutions to fulfil the changing business needs.    


A fully managed and progressive IT Infrastructure which LAN has supported and continues to do so since 1997.


Andrew Newland - CEO

"LAN has provided us with strong and responsive IT support over the last 12 years. they have scaled their business to support our fast growing and more demanding community, especially with the use and management of mobile media which we have needed globally."

"At ANGLE our teams need to perform at a constantly high standard and we require a similar performance from our extended resources in our supplier base. LAN has delivered to our demanding agenda and I am pleased to recommend LAN both to new small businesses and growing corporates such as ANGLE."

Nugent debenham Houghton marsh

At a Glance


To recommend , plan, configure, install and to support a new network delivering instant email delivery, Group Calendar, File and document sharing with a reliable backup solution all to integrate with a BESPOKE Microsoft SQL Insurance and financial system, for 12 users.


Microsoft Small Business Server 2011, Hewlett Packard ML370 Server, Kaspersky Network Security solution, Onsite HP Ultrium2 backup coupled with on-line off-site backup solution. LAN Support IT monthly support program with on-site, help desk and remote managed services provided by a dedicated support team.


  • Real time email and messaging delivery
  • Increased server capacity with a full fault tolerance
  • Full network security against viruses and employee misuse
  • Full and reliable backups
  • On going IT Technical and administration support

business Challenge

Nugent Debenham & Co is a leading insurance broker based in Godalming, Surrey. Providing all forms of insurance to both the consumer and Business-to-Business markets They have built the business on excellent customer services, flexibility and great value for money. "Reliability, annual maintenance costs and aged technology was becoming a substantial issue, and whilst it has successfully been in place for six years, it"s features had naturally become limited, most notably our email delivery and backup." The new system had to deliver file and document sharing, group calendar, reliable backup and quick email delivery within budgetary objectives and offer at least 3-4 years computing. they system also needed to integrate seamlessly with an existing Insurance Brokerage financial package which was DOS based, a particular concern, as without a successful integration the company could literally come to a standstill.

LAN Support solution

After a selection process, Grant Denyer (Managing Director and Owner) chose LAN Support to implement their new network solution.
  • Microsoft Small Business Server 2011 was recommended by LAN Support, thanks to it"s integrated set of common applications such as, Windows Server 2011 and Microsoft Exchange.
  • Supply of a branded Hewlett Packard Server offered 3 years full warranty and a name to reply on.
  • To keep a high level of uptime and fault tolerance and RAID 5 disk set was configured meaning the failure on one or more disks would not bring the network to a halt.
  • To keep downtime to an absolute minimum LAN planned the installation and rigorously checked all configurations, talked to third party vendors and planed it"s installation out of office hours.
  • Alongside a traditional tape backup solution, LAN recommend an on-line, off-site backup solution with full encryption and security 
  • LAN Support investigated and recommended that the email domain names were moved from a non trusted provider to a trusted partner and that SMTP was fully enabled
  • An ongoing bespoke support package incorporating a half day onsite by one of LANs Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers once a month to offer desk-side support and administration of the new system along with helpdesk support and remote managed services was advised. 


  • The installation of a Microsoft Small Business Server delivering file, print and document sharing.
  • All staff and access to calendar information so they could plan and vie employee movements.
  • Installation was carried out over a weekend and after 13:00 on a Saturday as the office opens in the morning. this meant that there was no disruption to staff and customers alike.
  • Extensive backup solution provided working backups and peace of mind.
  • Quick and reliable email delivery both in the office and remotely enable staff to respond to their clients sooner.
  • Substantially lower support and maintenance costs than the old system.
  • Within budgetary limitations.
  • Any staff member is able to call LAN Support"s Help Desk and they receive regular on-site monthly visits


"LAN Support approach, professionalism and their genuine understanding of my real concerns from concept to installation was truly delightful and I"m very glad I made the decision to use LAN Support and I would recommend them to anyone."

Grant Denyer, Managing Director


LAN Support has built up a client base of over 100 small and medium businesses; this has been achieved by client retention, recommendation and an excellent reputation.

We are continually finding new ways to support our clients and willing to change procedures so a personalised bespoke solution can be delivered to your exact requirements.

Phone: 0207 903 5065
Email: info@lansupport.co.uk

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0207 903 5065
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