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Simple, Secure Sharing from anywhere on any device.

Box helps connect people and their most important information.

Box is a cloud platform that helps you securely store, share and manage all your company"s files. Whether you need to secure confidential business information, to develop a custom mobile application or are trying to simplify paper-based office processes, Box can help you do more with your content

Manage all your files, access them from anywhere, and share them with anyone securely

·         Store files online

·         Send large files

·         Mobile access

·         File sync

·         Online collaboration


Create teams - work together

Soonr is the most integrated solution for creating documents and working with your team. Now, you can work more efficiently than ever. Soonr helps you stay organised while you share your work easily with colleagues and clients. Use the dashboard for a quick view of what"s been updated. You have complete control over who has access to specific Projects, and as Teams change, your permission levels can be adjusted instantly. Your Team is made of both internal Members and external Connections.

Share files - within your team or externally

Soonr supports a variety of file types, which means you can review and share everything with colleagues and clients – from Office documents to videos; and you don"t need additional software. Whether you"re working from home, in your office or traveling, Soonr is available from any device using a web browser and we have a great iPhone app. With Soonr, you've got the assistant you always dreamed of. Your work is immediately organised and automatically backed up while you work.

  Work in a project form - stay organised

With Soonr, your files are organized into Projects where your Team can easily access them and work together from any location. Automatic email or SMS notifications mean everyone is kept in the loop about the latest changes. Users can work offline or remotely using a variety of mobile devices.

Soonr provides a special folder called My Soonr Projects, that is automatically created on your desktop when you install the client software. This folder allows you to automatically have a local copy of the files and folders that are stored online. It functions exactly the same as a local folder on your hard disk so that you can use the tools (file explorer, Microsoft Office, etc.) that you are already familiar with.

Access anywhere and anytime

Access your files from any mobile device, anytime, anywhere. No more heavy mail attachments.

·         Soonr supports over 800 mobile devices including iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets and BlackBerry.

·         Soonr brings the first-ever integrated editing solution for iOS. It works seamlessly with the built-in editors on Android. Soonr stores your favorite files locally on your device, allowing you to edit Word documents, PowerPoint presentations and Excel spreadsheets, even when there is no internet connection available.

·         Keep your team updated receiving and delivering SMS notifications and updates directly to your smartphone. When you are working with your Team, you can stay up-to-date with files and receive comments as they are added, all in real-time.

Automatic backup

Have the files you work with automatically backed-up, securely, while you work.

Never lose a change again. It's really just that easy. After you install our small desktop application and choose a few settings, your files are automatically backed-up to your account. When you change your files on your desktop or your colleagues make changes, files are automatically updated. You don't have to buy other software or subscribe to other services – Soonr takes care of this too. Sleep better knowing that your files are always securely backed up.

Never worry about losing your valued files, even if you delete a file or get a virus. With Soonr's built-in versioning (premium and pro accounts only), you can quickly easily recover files and restore them to their original location, either a file at a time or entire folders. It's like a time-machine that lets you go back in time to get what you need. 

BOX is a cloud platform that helps you securely store, share and manage all your company's Files.
For information on how you can share content such as Microsoft Office documents freely please call us to discuss your options....
BOX collaboration services from as little as £12.00 per user per month.
"We have been using BOX for sharing documents for the last year or so. The ability to access and share content on any device in any location has changed the way the company is working"
Simon - Outside the Box
"Using BOX for our small business has transformed our training delivery to our clients. We can now share training material with ease in any location in the world. We can also access content quickly when we need it of left it in the office...
Sally - International Training Co.

LAN Support has built up a client base of over 100 small and medium businesses; this has been achieved by client retention, recommendation and an excellent reputation.

We are continually finding new ways to support our clients and willing to change procedures so a personalised bespoke solution can be delivered to your exact requirements.

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