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Server & PC Installations

Server installations

LAN Support has been installing servers for companies for over 20 years. Our consulting team will help select the server specification including storage, processing and memory usage and plan your installation. Many clients still opt for a on-premise server as they hold sensitive information and law or client conduct codes means they have to hold the data on-site and take full ownership. Other businesses like to have an on-premise server as part of a Hybrid solution which offers the best of both on-premise servers and cloud/virtual private servers.

Once we have specified the server (s) you require then we will build the Operating System and Active Directory and then ship to site for installation. We offer new virgin installations and migrations when you are just replacing old hardware or upgrading to the latest Operating System.

Many of the server installations we undertake we complete over a weekend, this means little to zero disruption to your staff and business.

If you are looking to replace or add a new server or require additional information then speak to your account manager or call our sales team on 01483 413660.

PC and laptop installations
PC and Laptop installations can sometimes be very straight forward, other times they can be more complicated. If you purchase a new PC or Laptop then you can call upon our engineering team to come to your office and install the new PC or Laptop with all the applications you require and even add it to your network whilst making sure that all printers and other shared devices are connected and operating correctly.
Being able to call upon LAN Support to complete our PC and Laptop installations saves us a lot of time and knowhow, they offer a very professional and quick service, I would recommend any company to have their new equipment installed by a professional.
Grant Denyer - Insurance Business

LAN Support has built up a client base of over 100 small and medium businesses; this has been achieved by client retention, recommendation and an excellent reputation.

We are continually finding new ways to support our clients and willing to change procedures so a personalised bespoke solution can be delivered to your exact requirements.

Phone: 0207 903 5065
Email: info@lansupport.co.uk

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0207 903 5065
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